Blending the special healing powers of Qigong and Taichi to promote improved wellbeing

Wendy Smith is a highly experienced student and instructor of Qigong and Taichi with many years of experience teaching the forms and techniques to a variety of audiences, ranging from 8 to 93 years of age.


Her unique style is a blend of different approaches resulting from study with four different Masters, emphasizing the special needs of her clientele, the seasonal needs of our bodies and the combination of both active and passive Qigong.

Wendy has special expertise in teaching people in the second half of life. Primarily teaching Sun style Taichi, she is also familiar with Yang style. She prefers Sun style, since it is particularly adapted to beginners and to those with arthritis as well as other physical challenges. Wendy likes to use humor and variety to engage students. Then once they are engaged, she challenges them gently to go beyond their expectations.

“I am still amazed at how much I have benefited from her class… I am now able to walk up and down stairs with much less pain and feel much more limber in all of my activities.”
– Colleen Micciche

Besides her personal experiences with Qigong, she has completed extensive training in the field, including studies at the Qigong Institute of Rochester and workshops with world-renowned Qigong Masters Roger Jahnke and Ken Cohen, author of the well-known book, “The Way of Qigong, the Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing,” as well as in Buddhist Qigong from the Shaolin Monastery.

For the past 11 years, she has designed and implemented classes in Qigong in institutional, private and medical institutions. They include the offices of Callan Harris Physical Therapy, Rochester chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Welsh, the Irondequoit and Brighton School Districts, JCC, YMCA, MVP Health Care (where she has also designed stress reduction classes), Harro East Athletic Club, Mary Cariola Children’s Center, Rochester MS Society and Natural Oasis.  [read more]

In 2002, she was certified by the Arthritis Foundation to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis and was recertified in 2004. In addition, she’s been trained in special exercise techniques for those with Arthritis through the Arthritis Foundation. At the YMCA she has taught both land and water classes for people with arthritis and has incorporated Qigong in her aquatic classes for 12 years.

Due to popular student demand, she produced a DVD entitled “Qigong with Wendy”, focusing on movements for health and vitality. The DVD includes five lesson options ranging from 23 to 33 minutes, interactive menus that let you jump into your program of choice and supplemental information.  [read more]

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