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Experience a powerful assortment of FIVE Qigong routines on one easy-to-use disc.

  1. Complete routine:  32 minutes
    This selection incorporates all the various exercises.
  2. Variation 1:  31 minutes
    This next selection has a seated modification for the flowing meditation.
  3. Variation 2:   22 minutes
    For those looking for a shorter routine to fit their schedule.
  4. Variation 3:  24 minutes
    Another short routine with different exercises.
  5. Variation 4:  22 minutes
    A third short routine with different exercises.

NEW! Now also experience two 5 minute Sun style Tai Chi for Arthritis views – 33 movements each.

It is best to allow two hours after eating or half hour before a meal.  Also, do not practice before going to bed since it may prevent sleep.

Like any exercise, it is best to practice on a regular basis.

Only $20.00 + shipping *

* shipping rates:  US: $5.00;   Canada: $9.00;   Europe: $11.00;   Australia: $11.00
(all others, please contact us)